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  -  Interviewing   -  Why Should We Hire You?

It is the most important question any person wanting a job should know the answer to.  Whether you are interviewing for a job or currently employed, knowing the value that you bring to the prospective/current entity is becoming increasingly valuable.
In tight employment markets, whether this is vertical or across all industries, the reciprocal of this is just as important: “Why you should want to work here,” but in today’s economic reality – the ”we hire you” question stands squarely in the spotlight.
If you are going through this exercise, consider the following:
– Remember to address the real question: “why should we hire you versus anyone else?”
– How will you stay motivated no matter the situation?
– Are the customer expert and how can you demonstrate it?
– Be able to detail consistent performance, not a one-time spike.
Preparation delivers on Expectation.

Some articles that you may find enlightening:
While I am not enamored with most of these 125 questions (individually), reading through the entire list (and many of the canned responses) on Indeed actually would help better understand how the masses may answer these questions, and how to differentiate yourself correctly.

A much better list from with a better breakdown by question, attribute, behavioral vs. non, etc.

How to flip the interview by Insperity – however, each question should be more custom to what you are looking for.