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31 Modules
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1 Course Released (Foundational Sales)
5 Courses in Development.

A curriculum designed to deliver foundational sales training for any selling acumen at anytime – with an immediate increase in productivity.

Built to eliminate skill gaps/lapses that can occur with sales skill trainings. Fully responsive format allowing learners to learn when it’s best for them and for business.
Supported with one-on-one follow-up sessions: just the trainer and the learner on a call practicing.

Intro to Training Curriculum:
Navigation, Resources, and Downloads (how to navigate the training…)

The Sales Process:
On-boarding to Hospitality Sales
Sales Process and the Buying Process
Prospecting #1: Why Prospecting
Prospecting #2: Prospecting as a Sales Process
Prospecting #3: Defining Prospecting Paths
Prospecting #4: Call Strategy
Prospecting #5: Call Reluctance
Sales Video: Prioritizing Sales Opportunities
Sales and the Economy
Leveraging LinkedIn in your Sales Process

Sales Research:
Boolean/Advanced Search and Sales

Question/Qualification Strategy:
Question/Probing Strategy

Value Propositions:
Value Proposition vs. Unique Selling Positions

Persuasive Communication/Presenting Effectiveness:
Seller and Customer Styles/Why they Matter
Sales and the Customer’s Mind
Presenting your Offer (Features/Benefits/Insight)
How Storytelling becomes Storyselling

Winning Proposals:
How to Win with Proposals
Winning Proposals Block #1: Preparation
Winning Proposals Block #2: Proposal Content
Winning Proposals Block #3: Custom vs. Template
Winning Proposals Block #4: Writing Style
Winning Proposals Block #5: Proposal Formatting
Winning Proposals Block #6: Proposal Submission
Response Probes and Customer Knowledge Checks:
The Power of Trial Close
Nurturing the Lead Opportunity

When the Customer is Just Not Sure:
Overcoming Customer Pushback
Negotiation Skills

Closing the Sale
Follow-up After the Commitment

Availability and Pricing:
This training is not offered and available to everyone.
We take seriously our commitment to existing customers, so we offer this training by request only. If you are interested, email us at and we can speak to you about your needs, markets, and competitors.

Pricing is done in two formats:
Volume licensing, which we have done with our current partners, and an
Individual license.

The actual course has three variations*:
Online course with 10 follow-up sessions
Online course with 4 follow-up sessions
Online course with no follow-up sessions
*pricing differs depending on the level of “live” follow-up with a trainer.

For an individual license – we do not charge immediately. An invoice will be generated for the organization once the second module is completed. If the material is not exactly what you had wanted – there is no charge. We also don’t use an eCommerce solution, as protecting your information – including credit cards, PII, and results are paramount to us. Believe it or not – we like getting mail, especially checks. We can process credit card info, but that can be done with a person – not a bot.

For specific information on signing up for a hybrid online training – email