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Sales Leadership



Our online Leadership course challenges leaders to consider both their goals as well as outcomes for decisions that they will make.  While the coursework in primarily delivered through our learning management system, the course in hybrid in nature, as it requires each learner to spend time with one of our leader mentors.  The curriculum flows as:


The Leadership Conundrum:  Purpose before People or People before Purpose.  We begin with a scenario.  As an exercise, who would you go with, and once you have completed that discussion, identify what shaped your decision and how that applies to your team today.


Motivation or Inspiration?  Often there is a mistake in believing that Leaders have the ability to motivate, but motivation is intrinsic.  This session focuses on a model that ensures the right focus, and the right results.


Your Leadership Style.  First, an online audit.  Then, a critical dive into what a leadership style is, how it manifests itself (positively and negatively) in day-to-day operations, and how it will impact everything from hiring, developing, managing, and leading a team.


Building a Team.  A second conundrum is this; do you hire talent that best matches your style and knowledge, or do you hire complimenting skills and experience? This module speaks to the time and effort that should be invested in what is perceived as a seller’s weakness, versus the resources to be invested in getting more out of their strengths.


Goal Setting and Setting Agendas.  An important part of effective Leadership is the ability to communicate objectives.  This section delivers on setting goals, team involvement, holding accountability and self-policing of responsibilities.


Building a Learning and Innovation Culture.  This module looks at what great leaders do to continually drive innovation, at the same time of requiring consistency in expectation.


Human Asset Management.  Building bench strength, behavioral interviewing, delivering action plans and other important skills make up the bulk of this portion of  human asset management.


Vertical Communication.  Communicating to supervisors, senior leaders and owners are an underrated skill.  This module is about delivering a concise / competent message.


Consistency.  Consistency.  Consistency.  There is no greater friend to sales leadership than consistency.  It seems like an easy concept to include in another section, but its importance in discipline, goal setting, hiring, meetings, incentives, behaviors, and more cannot be overstated.


Leadership by Example.  As the leader, you do not have to be the revenue champion, but you also cannot be absent in the field.  Your involvement in their direct sales efforts must be consistent, but also to share in their successes, and their failures.


Constructing a 90-day Plan.  The final session is a table / team exercise where they build a plan for the next 90 days, putting certain reminders into their calendars, making these recurring when necessary, and copying leadership for follow-up / debrief afterward.