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Active Senior Living
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Active Senior Living

We teach how to sell upgraded living – not senior living.

The choice to sell/trade a life-long home for a community is a lifestyle decision as well as part of a continuing investment strategy.  It is about maximizing a lifetime of saving and the return that you get from that investment.  Choosing how and who you focus that investment on is now the real return.

At BY Design Training, we help sellers and community managers of Senior/Independent Living communities uncover/focus on what matters most to each customer – and help bring that vision to life.

Our content continues to evolve every year – just as the target customer persona continues to evolve.

How does BY Design Training make a difference for this incredible segment?

We begin with a Sales Enablement Maximization Audit.  Sales enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently and maximize their efforts, at a higher velocity, and at a higher conversion rate than competitors.

Our training then focuses on these three important components:

1.Optimizing sales communication cadence at each point of the sales process

2.Shortening the contact to lease period,

3.Increasing the overall conversion %

We employ what needs to work based on the physical amenities, competitive forces, selling talent, and goals of the property/community, and can include:

  • Concept Selling – uncovering the reason for “why” they want to transition
  • Feature/Benefit – based on having the best match for physical plant and services
  • Solution Selling – providing a unique solution (insight) that no competitor has
  • Solution to Challenger – uncovering/highlighting a benefit that the customer had not considered
  • Customer Centric – move from seller-focused to customer-focused consultant, heavily skewed to gut/emotion

Ultimately – the correct sales methodology aligns with the branding, site, service culture and the customer.  Rarely is there a one-size-fits-all.

Additional services in this market?

We do it all.

Our team can help you explore where opportunity exists and how to create conversions from it.  Here is a sample of our pre-sales training strategy:

  • Meta-strategy Analysis
  • Channel Management (branded site, aggregating sites, other commissionable third-parties)
  • CRM/Dashboarding
  • Current SEO/Organic Web search
  • Metatag descriptions/Snippets
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Proof/Reputation Management Strategy
  • Web Effectiveness (site comparisons)
  • Mega-trends (80+/55+, Better vs. Bigger, Diverging Generational Preferences, Wellness vs. Patient Health, etc.)
  • Sales Process Audit

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