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Mastering Sales Relationships



The next level of sales development builds on our Foundational Sales course and uses the hospitality industry as its context and includes modules in:


The Psychology of Selling (12 modules)

–  Cognitive Biases and the Correct use in Sales

–  Confirmation Bias

–  Anchoring Bias

–  Risk Aversion

–  Bandwagon Effect

–  Familiarity Principle

–  The Endowment Effect

–  Sunk Cost Bias

–  The Halo Effect

–  The Serial Position Effect

–  Linking Cognitive Biases to your Sales Strategy

Cognitive Bias Quiz


Listening Skills

–  Listening Exercise

–  Scholastically we were robbed

–  5-levels of learning

–  5-levels of listening

–  The 5th Habit – Seeking to Understand and Autobiographical Listening

–  Building your 5-step plan for better listening

Listening Skills Quiz


Critical Thinking (7 modules)

–  Analysis,

–  Interpretation,

–  Inference,

–  Explanation,

–  Self-regulation,

–  Open-mindedness, and

–  Problem-solving

Each of these modules are focused on how these individual (and, when combined) elements of critical thinking help a seller engage a customer at a higher level.

Critical Thinking Quiz


Personal Branding and Social Selling (8 modules)

–  LinkedIn as THE Sales Platform (How LinkedIn might replace your CRM)

–  LinkedIn Sales Rule #1 – Start with YOUR Why

–  LinkedIn Sales Rule #2 – Farming: Social Serving not Social Selling

–  LinkedIn Sales Rule #3 – Powerful Profiles make Bigger Billboards

–  LinkedIn Sales Rule #4 – The More You Give the More You Get

–  LinkedIn Sales Rule #5 – The Right Connections Create Network Value

–  LinkedIn Sales Rule #6 – Downboard Thinking: Your LinkedIn Goal

–  Building an Example LinkedIn Content Calendar

LinkedIn/Personal Branding Quiz


Key/Strategic Account Management/Planning (8 modules):

–  Why Key Account Planning & Change

–  The Key Account Plan (elements)

–  Selling styles

–  Industry and Vertical Market Intelligence


–  Defining the Property and Customer Teams

–  Setting Account Goals

–  The Customer Conversation

–  Implementation

–  Ongoing Account Analysis

–  Warning Signs

Key Account Planning Quiz



–  Module on Constructing a SMART Plan

–  Module on using as a GPS – not a Report

– 6 hospitality modules with vertical examples including:

o  Catering

o  Business Transient

o  Leisure

o  Group Corporate

o  Group Association

o  Group SMERFE

Smart Plan Quiz


Mastering Procurement Engagement (2 Modules)

–  Third-party Engagement

–  In-house procurement teams

Mastering Procurement Quiz


Positioning your Message for the C-Suite (4 modules)

–  Setting your goals for Selling to/in the C-Suite

–  How to gain access to rarified air

–  What to Present: Be Relevant, Be Credible, Be on Target, Be Concise

–  When Presenting: (At high altitude -) Less is More and Why


Creating Trust in Customer Relationships (4 modules)


Emotional Intelligence (6 modules)


Conflict Resolution


Complex Closing’s