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  -  Sales   -  How to replace the Meeting Zoom with the Meeting Room

Rarely do we get to experience evolution occurring in real-time, yet the evolution of the event industry is occurring at light-speed and many organizations are trying to hold onto pre-pandemic models to fit a post-pandemic reality. 
It is the emergence of two contrasting – yet complementing variables for event success that guide this evolution; user-experience and the need for immediate gratification.
Caveat – there is no stopping the virtual train; it has left the station at great speed and with no competition.
But the one thing a virtual event will never have is “space.”  The ability to move around and feel connected at a visceral level.  The ability to experience things in more than a flat-screen dimension.
But let’s be honest – not all meetings need that.  There are many meetings, by the nature of their content (and often their presenters) where we want to limit (or eliminate) the need for travel to achieve its goal.
The organizations that will outperform their competitors will be the ones who reimagine how events are experienced and can show bean-counters the value for coming together in their value propositions – and in their results.
In addressing this change to event “buyers,” hotels and event venues will have to both reimagine what they offer as well as include many of the unbundled “charged” extras as part of their experience.

Simply put, a relaunch will fall flat if you use last year’s model.

Otherwise, a meeting room will be replaced with a meeting zoom.