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  -  Change   -  How to Begin to Prospect – for Non-Prospecting Sellers

From LinkedIn:

This quote focuses on how the mind views change.

Often, if you focus on the desired end-state, things can be difficult – especially when you are looking at major change in habits or behaviors.

This is especially true with someone who needs to be prospecting – but has not wanted to for any number of reasons.

If this person is you the first thing I would ask you to do is rename it.

Call it networking.

Set a goal of sending a connection request a day next week.

When you see how easy that is, set a goal of sending two per day for the next week.

At a certain point, set a goal of sending a note to one of your new connection requests to talk; not sell, just talk.

Create a cadence like this for the first month.

Building yourself a network based on trust – for a trusted product is the backbone of a successful prospecting strategy.

A customer will soon break the ice and begin the selling process for you. And with that – you will see how you can begin to drive the process effectively as well.

It’s simply meeting a customer need and helping them be successful.

Welcome to the LinkedIn After Post Party – where I get to finish my thought…

Starting a new diet can be hard.  Starting a post-heart attack diet is much easier.  Why?  You know the consequence.
No matter your industry – the post-pandemic world will be filled with uncertainty and greater competition. This new world will require both reskilling and upskilling to stay competitive.
If you choose to stay with a revenue-producing position (sales), the ability to effectively out-prospect your competition was always important, but for the success of the organization AND the associate in the future – prospecting must be your number one skillset.
And here’s why…
A customer will always want the best product they can afford.
And depending on the product and the level of commoditization, they will choose somewhere within a narrow band of quality and price.
Innovation will continue to drive faster product development AND sunsetting within your industry.
If you base your competitive advantage primarily around your relationships and relationship-building, you will ultimately fail.  The customer will remain your friend – but they will no longer buy from you, as too many people familiar with the purchasing process and the available products within the market – will demand they buy the best available – not the longest-lasting relationship.

Relationships give you the advantage when all things are (relatively) equal, but a purchasing agent will not sacrifice their job or their organization’s competitive advantage for a relationship.

It sounds brutal – and in many ways it is.  But that is what happens when you apply a legacy selling style to a rapidly evolving (future) purchasing environment.

If you can do one thing today – start to prospect (more).
The quote above is meant for small meaningful steps towards greater success.

As a business owner – I understand prospecting.
As a sales trainer – I understand prospecting.

Trust me – making the needle move with profitable business will occur more consistently by getting on base – than swinging for the fences.

Until next time – Stay Optimistic ~