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Foundational Sales


Our Foundational Sales curriculum is not sales 101, it is sales one-on-one.
This course covers every aspect of proactive and reactive sales strategy, emphasizing the right attitudes, perspectives, and acumen for first time sellers, or those senior sellers who want to understand how sales process and skills have progressed since their last course.
This course can be taken with a focus in hospitality, catering, active senior living, and enterprise sales.


Onboarding to Sales

Video-based (allows the learner to pause and read each slide and spend as much/or little time as necessary).  Not a required “take.”


Sales Process

The Sellers Sales Process and the Customer’s Buying Process

The Prospecting Process (5 modules included)

Block #1: Why Prospecting should be Mandatory

Block #2: Defining Prospecting

Block #3: Defining Prospecting Paths

Block #4: Call Strategy

Block #5: Call Reluctance

Prioritizing Sales Opportunities

Sales and the Economy


Sales Research

Boolean Search and Sales


Question/Qualification Strategy

Probing Strategy



Value Propositions vs. Unique Selling Positions


Persuasive Communication/Presenting Effectiveness

Seller and Customer Styles – Why They Matter Sales and the Customer Mind

Presenting your Offer (Insight/Benefits)

How Storytelling becomes Storyselling


Winning Proposals

How to Win with Proposals

Block #1: Preparation

Block #2: Proposal Content

Block #3: Custom vs. Templates

Block #4: Writing Style

Block #5: Proposal Formatting

Block #6: Proposal Submission


Response Probes

The Power of the Trial Close


Convincing the Unsure Customer

Overcoming Customer Pushback

Negotiation Skills



Closing the Sale

Nurturing Sales Opportunities

Follow-up after the Commitment

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