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Rarely do we get to experience evolution occurring in real-time, yet the evolution of the event industry is occurring at light-speed and many organizations are trying to hold onto pre-pandemic models to fit a post-pandemic reality. It is the emergence of two contrasting – yet complementing variables for event success that guide this evolution; user-experience and the need for immediate gratification.Caveat – there is

From LinkedIn: You can’t solve today’s revenue needs with yesterday’s prospecting methods and if you’re using yesterday’s prospecting methods, you are creating a problem for you (and your team) in the future. Customers were already searching and buying differently before the pandemic and have significantly changed during the pandemic.Prospecting, like everything else, needs to evolve – or suffer extinction.How will you change how

IMO - There are three types of underdogs in the world:The first is the person who has been asked to compete well below their skill level - and we feel sorry for them.The next is the person who displays heart/determination above what is expected; usually against overwhelming odds – and we cheer for them.The final underdog is someone competing against the reigning champ

The most important battles you will ever be involved in will always be – with yourself. Some of these battles will not even seem like a battle, especially when a perspective, disguised as reality, becomes the foundation for your actions. In hindsight, if our perspective was wrong, we almost always say “what was I thinking,” and follow with “I will never do that again.” We slowly

XX Often we have competing signs that influence competing strategies. How do we choose correctly when the stakes are so high? From LinkedIn:Let me be clear. It's not decision by indecision, or as Neil Peart the drummer from Rush wrote in "Freewill":“If you choose not to decide, You still have made a choice” It's about evaluating competing signs for competing options for your strategy. There