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This is a follow-up to my LinkedIn post which you can find here. And conversely to the title above - a shallow path of discovery leads to a shallow solution. In our training business (specifically the sales training side), we are routinely asked "Well - what should we say?"It is the response most often said when a person realizes they can improve.But what they are

From LinkedIn: You can’t solve today’s revenue needs with yesterday’s prospecting methods and if you’re using yesterday’s prospecting methods, you are creating a problem for you (and your team) in the future. Customers were already searching and buying differently before the pandemic and have significantly changed during the pandemic.Prospecting, like everything else, needs to evolve – or suffer extinction.How will you change how

LinkedIn Post:Start the day with an easy win.  But this action should not be answering emails.One of the reasons why people who workout in the mornings are successful is because they have usually already accomplished an initial win - along with an amped-up metabolic rate, more energy, more focus, etc. etc. etc.Many people however will arrive at work, get a cup of coffee, retreat

Microhabits: a small change to a routine that results in a disproportionate increase in productivity. Where did the term “lunch hour” come from?  Why an hour – especially when so few of us take “an hour?”Many employee surveys state a high percentage of employees think they shouldn’t take their full lunch hour, and an even higher percentage think that management thinks they should take less (than the given) time for lunch.Both are wrong - as we need

Ben Franklin once said; “Early to bed and early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy, and wise.” We define microhabits as a small change to a routine that results in a disproportionate result towards your goals. And #4 is a no brainer; Start each day, 15 minutes earlier. If done, that is 1-hour and 15 minutes additional each week, and an additional workweek of productivity by years-end. But we

Losing 200lbs.  Drinking a 12oz glass of water before every meal.This is an example of comparing the end goal to beginning/changing what is known as (creating) a microhabit. Warren buffet said that the most important aspect of his success, was good genes (living long) and compounded interest. Microhabits are similar, as they deliver huge benefits (through small actions) over a long period of time. For someone who