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It is the most important question any person wanting a job should know the answer to.  Whether you are interviewing for a job or currently employed, knowing the value that you bring to the prospective/current entity is becoming increasingly valuable.In tight employment markets, whether this is vertical or across all industries, the reciprocal of this is just as important: “Why you should want to

It’s not if you asked a question – but rather, what the question is attempting to uncover. It’s not how prepared a question appears – but rather, how it made the person you are speaking with – think/feel. A great question shows you are prepared, but also how deeply you understand the premise/subject.And the sheer number of questions does NOT influence the quality

Most of us start our day either by checking email or checking social media.  If this is YOU, THIS is for you.Asking you to NOT check these tools first (while an INCREDIBLE practice), that would be a macro-habit change – not a microhabit.The microhabit change would be framing the expectation prior to opening the app.  At its core, it’s changing the subconscious “I am about to compare myself to everyone in my network,”