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From LinkedIn:Actual call:Seller: ”I was wondering where you were in your plans to reinstate your training meeting schedule?”Customer: “We will be ready when we and our attendees won’t die by traveling.”Prospecting was changing.  And then it got pushed off a cliff. This post is focused on the hospitality industry and my connections there, but many industries are realizing that their heritage methods/strategies for business

From LinkedIn: The conscious brain includes all our thoughts and feelings in the present moment.  The subconscious brain holds everything else.This means that our “in the moment” conscious brain (1%) is battling the “lifetime of experience” subconscious brain (99%). Those who understand and accept this – also know it cannot be mastered or tamed in the moment and takes years to respect the differences and advantages

From LinkedIn:I might change this to be far more specific:”A successful work culture requires meaningful work and meaningful relationships.”There are two important parts of this chapter in his book and it was: 1. He does not say “find meaningful pay,” but rather, “meaningful work” – purpose or culture. I think it is hard to start a career in search of meaningful pay – and