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This isn’t a political statement.  Rather, an understanding of how it rose into politics.  It has its origins in an “influencer” world.  It has its roots in hyper-nationalism.  It is fed by TV shows that raised up the winner and shunned the loser.  The clinical diagnosis for narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)  as found in the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition is this: -grandiose sense of self-importance -preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success,

I am guilty of it.  And I will do it again.  Speaking in rhetoric; often hyperbole.  ”Our country has never been so divided!” (We actually had a civil war)  “The economy has never been so bad!” (The greatest generation went through 10-years of this) “I used to walk 2 miles, both ways, in the snow” (I grew up in TX. Snow; really?) Both rhetoric and hyperbole are forms of persuasive

One of my all-time favorite quotes. But the first line is missing; it says: “risk more than others think safe.” As an entrepreneur – I agree. As businesses reopen – they will have to agree. When consumers go back to stores – they will have to agree. And when we travel – we will have to agree.I have had conversations that ranged from

For the past 2-years, the team at BY Design Training had a daily cadence posting on LinkedIn (under the Bill Yetman profile page and often the company profile page), but we did not focus our efforts on blogging through our website.Most of our posts were motivational, some were informational, and often, specifically written to challenge paradigms. But it was also limited to