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From LinkedIn:Actual call:Seller: ”I was wondering where you were in your plans to reinstate your training meeting schedule?”Customer: “We will be ready when we and our attendees won’t die by traveling.”Prospecting was changing.  And then it got pushed off a cliff. This post is focused on the hospitality industry and my connections there, but many industries are realizing that their heritage methods/strategies for business

From LinkedIn: The conscious brain includes all our thoughts and feelings in the present moment.  The subconscious brain holds everything else.This means that our “in the moment” conscious brain (1%) is battling the “lifetime of experience” subconscious brain (99%). Those who understand and accept this – also know it cannot be mastered or tamed in the moment and takes years to respect the differences and advantages

From LinkedIn:I might change this to be far more specific:”A successful work culture requires meaningful work and meaningful relationships.”There are two important parts of this chapter in his book and it was: 1. He does not say “find meaningful pay,” but rather, “meaningful work” – purpose or culture. I think it is hard to start a career in search of meaningful pay – and

It’s not if you asked a question – but rather, what the question is attempting to uncover. It’s not how prepared a question appears – but rather, how it made the person you are speaking with – think/feel. A great question shows you are prepared, but also how deeply you understand the premise/subject.And the sheer number of questions does NOT influence the quality

IMO - There are three types of underdogs in the world:The first is the person who has been asked to compete well below their skill level - and we feel sorry for them.The next is the person who displays heart/determination above what is expected; usually against overwhelming odds – and we cheer for them.The final underdog is someone competing against the reigning champ

The most important battles you will ever be involved in will always be – with yourself. Some of these battles will not even seem like a battle, especially when a perspective, disguised as reality, becomes the foundation for your actions. In hindsight, if our perspective was wrong, we almost always say “what was I thinking,” and follow with “I will never do that again.” We slowly

In today’s world, many people believe it is life's circumstance that expands or shrinks opportunity – instead of one’s courage.I had reread Charles Munger’s “Poor Charles Almanac” recently – and he has a wonderful way of taking difficult concepts – and simplifying them down to powerful nuggets of wisdom.  One of my favorites - “Go to bed smarter than when you woke up,” is literally

I finish this series with arguably the most important of all microhabits; optimize your breathing.In full disclosure – I do not meditate. I wish I had the discipline to. But I learned and have followed the following mantra; Fast and short breathing does not equate to higher and deeper productivity.There are so many corollaries to athletic and mental peak performance. But unlike an

What happened during the previous day? How much sleep did you get?  And did you wake up feeling rested? That is it. We tend to measure and tinker with our productivity models during our workday and not necessarily with what positioned us to be successful – overnight. Absent expensive tracking apps, this is all you need to track: - Was it a stressful day (with 1 being very stressful