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Rarely do we get to experience evolution occurring in real-time, yet the evolution of the event industry is occurring at light-speed and many organizations are trying to hold onto pre-pandemic models to fit a post-pandemic reality. It is the emergence of two contrasting – yet complementing variables for event success that guide this evolution; user-experience and the need for immediate gratification.Caveat – there is

It is the most important question any person wanting a job should know the answer to.  Whether you are interviewing for a job or currently employed, knowing the value that you bring to the prospective/current entity is becoming increasingly valuable.In tight employment markets, whether this is vertical or across all industries, the reciprocal of this is just as important: “Why you should want to

Every business that has been accepted within the marketplace and not failed in its first 10-years has learned who their “right customer” is.  Whether consciously done or not – it is part of the survival process.To truly grow revenues with an organic blueprint – there must be something about the company’s product and service that brings people back.  This journey can usually be stated within

This is a follow-up to my LinkedIn post which you can find here. And conversely to the title above - a shallow path of discovery leads to a shallow solution. In our training business (specifically the sales training side), we are routinely asked "Well - what should we say?"It is the response most often said when a person realizes they can improve.But what they are

From LinkedIn: This quote focuses on how the mind views change. Often, if you focus on the desired end-state, things can be difficult – especially when you are looking at major change in habits or behaviors. This is especially true with someone who needs to be prospecting - but has not wanted to for any number of reasons. If this person is you the first thing I

From LinkedIn: You can’t solve today’s revenue needs with yesterday’s prospecting methods and if you’re using yesterday’s prospecting methods, you are creating a problem for you (and your team) in the future. Customers were already searching and buying differently before the pandemic and have significantly changed during the pandemic.Prospecting, like everything else, needs to evolve – or suffer extinction.How will you change how